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3 Benefits Of Working With A Freight Broker

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The 3 main benefits that a shipper can expect by pairing technology with qualified freight brokers are • Agility • Professional Expertise • Relationships 1. Agility keeps your shipments moving even when the unexpected happens There are a tremendous number of factors that can impact a shipment after it has been accepted by a driver or carrier, and the volatility that many industries have experienced during the pandemic has multiplied the issue. 2. Professional Expertise expands the knowledge base of your team Freight brokers understand the industry; they maintain a constant awareness of changing trends, capacity, rates, and special requirements for transporting hazardous or hard-to-handle materials and equipment. 3. Relationships Relationships expand your reach and create a level of commitment While working with an established 3PL, you will benefit from relationships that they have established with thousands of vetted and dependable carriers. They will constantly monitor these carriers for the status of their insurance, dependability, and license to operate. Giving a shipment to an unlicensed or uninsured motor carrier could be disastrous for a manufacturer’s wellbeing, so this service is vital.